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As GBI Cars is an FCA authorised broker, not a lender, we’ll always find the right deal to suit your budget and needs using our panel of lenders.

Once you have found the car you are interested in, complete the online application or just click here. If you would rather speak to us directly then our team will be happy to help either online, over the phone or in-store. Simply contact us to discuss your finance options.

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Why finance with GBI?

  • Competitive rates from 10.9% APR
  • Decisions in 60 seconds
  • Transparent – 96.5% of customers were satisfied with clarity of information provided by GBI cars
  • Online or in store
  • A panel of lenders to make sure your getting the right deal

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What is HP finance?

Hire Purchase (HP)

HP is a finance plan that allows you to spread the cost of the car by making monthly payments over an agreed term.

You make higher monthly payments than a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, so that when you come to the end of the agreement you’ll own the car.

Unlike PCP, there are no limits on mileage.

HP could be right for you if you want to buy the car at the end of the agreement.

Unique features of HP:

  • You like equal fixed payments
  • You want to own the car at the end of the agreement
  • You have a fixed rate of interest and fixed payments for the duration of the agreement
Hp - GBI Cars Ltd

What is PCP finance?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP is a finance plan where you make equal monthly payments over an agreed term, with a larger final repayment often referred to as a balloon payment or a GFV (guaranteed future value) which will be due at the end if you decide to keep the car.

At the end of the agreement, you have three options:

  • You can hand the car back to the finance company (the car must be in good condition and within the agreed mileage, otherwise charges may apply)
  • part exchange it for another car on a new agreement (subject to status),
  • pay the final repayment to own the car

PCP could be right for you if you like to change your car regularly or if you’re unsure whether you want to buy the car at the end of the agreement.

Unique features of PCP:

  • You can easily swap to a new car at the end of your PCP agreement
  • The monthly payments tend to be lower
  • You can encounter additional charges for going over your mileage allowance or damage
  • If you want to keep the car at the end of your contract, you’ll have to pay what’s referred to as a “balloon payment”, or a “minimum guaranteed future value” – this is the remaining sum owed on your agreement
  • You don’t own the car (unless you choose to buy it at the end of your agreement) – you’re technically renting it
Pcp - GBI Cars Ltd

Getting your own personal loan?

If you choose to provide your own finance through the bank using a personal loan then its worth comparing dealer finance VS personal loan. Please see below.

Dealer finance

  • Quick and easy to arrange
  • Decisions within minutes
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Options to settle early with no penalties
  • Approval to payout in less than 10 minutes
  • Rate does not change on balance, like the banks
  • If paid back early, the interest fees on outstanding borrowing are returned

Personal loan

  • Personal loans for cars tend to be less easily available – you’ll need a good credit history to obtain one
  • To get a low APR, you may have to borrow more than you need
  • You can’t terminate the arrangement
  • You’ll need to speak with the bank to arrange the loan


What information do I need to complete a finance application?

During your application, we'll need your personal details, employment details, address history, bank account details and a copy of your photo driving license.

Can I settle my Hire Purchase agreement early?

You have the right to end your HP agreement at any time by settling your outstanding finance. You can do this by contacting the lender who will provide you with a settlement letter, which will state how much is left to pay on your finance agreement.

Can I part exchange my car?

Yes of course, this can even be used as a deposit on your next vehicle.

What happens if I have outstanding finance on my part exchange?

You will need to request a settlement letter from your current finance lender, with this information GBI Cars can settle this outstanding payment.

My current car has more finance than it’s worth, can I still part exchange?

Yes, this is referred to as negative equity. There are two options, you can either add a larger deposit to the deal to settle this negative equity or we can look to include this amount in your new finance.

Can I make over payments to try and clear the finance early?

Yes, this can of course be done directly with the lender. With MotoNovo, this can also be done via the App. Click below to find out more.

Can I change my payment date after the finance has gone live?

Yes, this can of course be done directly with the lender. Again with MotoNovo, this can also be done via the App. Click below to find out more.

Will applying for finance affect my credit score?

When you apply for a HP agreement, a hard credit check is completed which can have an impact on your credit score. The lender reviews your credit report to help make a decision on your finance application. You can see your likelihood of being accepted before you apply by using our free finance eligibility checker.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

No, you do not have to leave a deposit if you wish to finance the full balance, however putting a deposit down could help the chances of acceptance and lower your monthly payments.

What is the maximum term I can take?

60 months (5 years) is the longest with Hire Purchase and 48 months (4 years) with PCP.